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Recent charges, past debts, and other legal issues don’t have to be permanent. Whatever you’re facing, it’s safe to say you just want it gone. We’ll wipe away your worries and help you move forward.

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Bringing Clarity to Your Case by Putting You First

Changing the way cases are handled — starting with the client experience.

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The relief of overcoming a legal problem is unmatched, and you don’t have to work with an intimidating attorney, which makes for a dreadful experience. Clients don’t choose us because we look sharp in suits or spend our free time buried in law books.

They hire us because, over the last 15+ years, we’ve proven that people can have an attorney that’s both relatable and has the skills to get the job done.

We break down complex cases to ensure you’re in the know at every phase of the process, and clients have shown their appreciation for our attention to detail through our 40+ five-star-rated reviews on Google.

We treat each case as the beginning of a friendship and forgo all the pretentious lawyer-speak to give you what you need: a steady advocate ready to roll up their sleeves and attack your legal problem head-on.

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We’re compassionate, reliable, professional lawyers who love putting clients at ease by erasing their past or current issues and helping them embrace their future.

Support You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

Working with us is like getting advice or guidance from a friend — only we can legally back you. When you’re looking to erase a legal problem, you need a lawyer who knows their stuff and one that’s great to work with, too. We promise you will receive the following:

Responsive legal counsel that ensures no time is wasted and gives you the confidence to proceed.

Knowledgeable, out-of-the-box thinking that helps you overcome potential roadblocks and other issues that might arise during your case.

Professional representation combined with thorough attention to detail in every aspect of your case, allowing for smooth legal proceedings.

Down-To-Earth leadership that makes you feel supported and comforted as you step into a life free of legal troubles.


Quality Representation for Diverse Case Types

We are skilled in several practice areas. No matter the case, we’ll stand by your side from start to finish.

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I never hesitate...

… to refer colleagues and friends to Chad’s services, as he offers a robust depth of knowledge and natural “bedside manner” — a combination rarely seen among attorneys.

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